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Post Surgical Care

At no time during the doctor-patient relationship is a close, personal bond and confident working connection more important than during the time you are recuperating -- the period of post-surgical care. In some plastic surgery practices, staff members other than the doctor remove sutures, change dressings, and generally handle important phases of your recuperative care. Not in Dr. Friedman's office! He believes this is a crucial time -- a time when you need and deserve his personal attention. He feels strongly about providing this care himself.
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Prior to surgery, you are given a customized, easy-to-read packet of explicit information about the particular operation to be performed. This includes detailed instructions for postoperative care and an outline of what to expect as you heal. With a chance to digest all this before surgery, there are no surprises -- all of which helps to make you better informed and less anxious after surgery -- vardenafil levitra on-line!

The day following your operation, you will be contacted by phone so that we can be sure everything is going well. We want to know that you are comfortable, that you understand all the instructions, and that you are easily able to follow them. We also want to be certain that all your questions are answered.

Your first visit to the office is generally within the first few days to check the healing process and to remove some "early" sutures. After this initial check, appointments are appropriately spaced to be sure that healing is progressing as expected and to remove the last of the sutures. We want to be sure that your post-surgical needs are being met to the fullest.

Some patients go through various post-surgical emotional swings. It's not unnatural to feel elated one day and then possibly let down the next; to feel excited thinking about all the anticipated improvements one moment, but then to question whether you should have done this at all. Although not everyone experiences these ups and downs, Dr. Friedman and his staff recognize and understand these natural mood swings. They are always available to offer the necessary support should you experience any of these changes.

The healing process progresses rapidly during the first few weeks, but actually continues for many months to a year or more following surgery. Dr. Friedman and his staff continue to be there for you during this entire period.

Many of the unsolicited testimonials Dr. Friedman receives are a direct result of the close and caring support offered by him and his staff during this very important post-surgical period.