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At your initial consultation visit, Dr. Friedman personally meets with you to discuss the cosmetic surgical procedure(s) in which you've expressed an interest. You will have his unhurried and undivided attention while he listens carefully to your concerns and examines the areas under consideration.

His detailed evaluation and recommendations may include the use of advanced Computer Imaging. This helps you visualize the proposed surgical improvements prior to the actual surgery, and assists in planning the details of what changes may be possible. This benefits both you and the doctor, as the surgical options can be discussed and looked at together on a screen while an operative plan is being formulated.

Dr. Friedman was one of the very first plastic surgeons to incorporate Computer Imaging into his practice. Now with over 10 years experience imaging patients, he recognizes how valuable this is in helping to eliminate anxieties and miscommunications before surgery . . . and thereby diminish unwanted surprises after surgery.

You will also have an opportunity to meet with Cynthia Ballantyne, our Patient Care Coordinator. Cynthia will answer further questions, show you pre and post operative photos of the procedures of interest, and add another personal dimension to your consultation visit.

At the conclusion of your consultation, you will receive a Personalized Procedure Plan to take home. This valuable packet of information provides a written explanation of all the various aspects of the procedure(s) you are considering.

If you like, we can arrange for you to speak with one of our patients whom Dr. Friedman has already performed the surgical procedure(s) in which you've expressed an interest online.

The entire consultation visit generally takes about 45 minutes to one hour. If you wish to have further discussion, a second visit can be arranged. The $75.00 consultation fee (which covers all consultation visits) is applied toward your surgical fee if you decide to proceed with surgery.

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If you would like a preliminary complimentary cosmetic surgery evaluation in the privacy of your own home, or simply have a question, consider this idea: Send us your e-mail to gf@sf-plasticsurgeon.com, or fax to (415) 221-1831.

Send us several photo views of the bothersome area of your face and/or body along with a description of your concerns and goals for Dr. Friedman to personally evaluate.

He will then send you back his expert opinion and recommendations which will include: (1) whether he feels you may be a candidate for cosmetic surgery and (2) what procedure or procedures or options you might want to consider that will best acheive your goals.

If you like what you hear, you will then be invited in for a more formal consulation and discussion with him, which may include computer imaging, to better help you decide whether cosmetic surgery is for you.

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